9kg Bottle Refill

Refilling your 9kg gas bottle is easy as!
Rockgas Alexandra - 1 Deel Street

Refill or swap your bottle for just $37 

Need a quick gas refill for your BBQ or caravan?
We provide a quick, hassle-free refill service to get you cooking with gas in no time! Just bring your empty 9kg Rockgas bottle into our Alexandra showroom and we'll either refill it on the spot, or swap it for a full one. You'll only pay for the LPG when you top-up with us.
Don't have a bottle yet? No worries! Just give us a call on 03 448 8808 or pop into our showroom at 1 Deel Street Alexandra to purchase your first bottle.
✓ Save money with LPG refills - only pay for the LPG you top-up
✓ Quick refills on the spot, or we'll swap your empty bottle for a new one
✓ Safe & accurate refills done by our certified team
✓ Same low price whether you refill or swap
✓ New 9kg bottles available for purchase to get you started
Whether you're looking to buy a new 9kg bottle, or refill your empty one, give us a call on 03 448 8808 or visit our showroom at 1 Deel Street Alexandra to speak to the Rockgas team.

LPG bottle safety

We will always run a safety check on your 45kg cylinders when we come and swap empty cylinders for full ones, but here are some important safety tips you should follow for your 9kg LPG bottles.
  • Always keep LPG bottles upright – if you lie them down the safety valve will be compromised
  • Always secure 9kg bottles when you are moving them in your vehicle – never let them roll around
  • Don’t expose bottles to excessive heat and never leave them in a vehicle in the sun
  • Keep the hose from your heater or BBQ gently curved to avoid kinks and damage
  • Make sure your 9kg bottle has a current test date stamped on the neck. Gas cylinders need to be certified every 10 years. Bring your bottle into our showroom and our friendly team will show you where the test date is written
  • Use soapy water to check if your bottle is leaking. If you see bubbles then there is probably a leak. Turn off the valve, move the bottle to a ventilated area, then contact your gas supplier. NEVER USE A MATCH to find a leak
  • Activities that might cause a spark, such as welding or grinding, need to be done well away from LPG bottles

BBQ safety

  • Position your BBQ at least a metre away from any objects
  • Check the connection between the gas bottle and fuel line is secured to avoid leakage
  • Never use a match or open flame to check for leaks
  • Ensure all hoses and valves are fully secured and not split or leaking and check them regularly


Visit Our Showroom at 1 Deel Street to Refill or Swap Your Gas Bottle