LPG safety tips

LPG safety tips

19th Nov 2020

Staying safe with LPG

We’ll always run a safety check on your 45kg cylinders when we come and swap empty cylinders for full ones, but here are some important safety tips you should follow for large and small LPG cylinders.

  • Always keep LPG cylinders upright – if you lie them down the safety valve will be compromised.
  • Always secure 9kg cylinders when you are moving them in your vehicle – never let them roll around.
  • Don’t expose cylinders to excessive heat and never leave them in a vehicle in the sun.
  • Keep the hose from your heater or BBQ gently curved to avoid kinks and damage.
  • Make sure your 9kg cylinder has a current test date stamped on the neck. Gas cylinders need to be certified every 10 years. Your local refilling station will show you where the test date is written.
  • Use soapy water to check if your cylinder is leaking. If you see bubbles then there is probably a leak. Turn off the valve, move the cylinder to a ventilated area, then contact your gas supplier.
  • NEVER USE A MATCH to find a leak.
  • Activities that might cause a spark, such as welding or grinding, need to be done well away from LPG cylinders.

Identifying a leak

Use your nose – If you can smell LPG (smells like rotten eggs), check if:

  • The pilot light has gone out on an appliance
  • The burner on your stove has been left on accidentally; and
  • Open the windows and call your gasfitter
  • Use your ears – If you hear a hissing noise it could be gas. Turn off appliances and check it out.

    Use your eyes – Can you see ice or frosting on the pipes, fittings or joints? Is there a hazy cloud around your pipes or bottles? Is your gas bill higher than usual?

    Any of these things could indicate a gas leak.

    If you have an LPG leak

    Follow these instructions until the emergency services or a technician arrive:

    • Turn off your LPG appliances immediately
    • Don’t light a match, lighter or cigarette
    • Don’t use any electrical appliances, mobile phones or even turn on a light as these can be ignition sources
    • Turn off the gas at the bottles or meter
    • Open all windows and doors at the property

    How to check your 9kg bottle for leaks

    1. Make a weak solution of soapy water (one-part dishwashing liquid to four-parts water)
    2. Connect your 9kg bottle to the BBQ
    3. Turn all the burner knobs to OFF
    4. Turn your gas bottle ON
    5. Brush or spray the soapy solution on all the connections (where the pipe connects to the BBQ and the bottle)
    6. If bubbles appear it means the connection isn’t properly sealed
    7. Turn OFF the gas and tighten or fix the connections
    8. Repeat until no bubbles appear