The benefits of a continuous gas hot water system

The benefits of a continuous gas hot water system

18th Aug 2020

Gas continuous hot water systems provide hot water that never runs out, by heating water the instant you need it. This type of hot water system produces endless hot water, and is more energy efficient than gas hot water cylinders, because it’s only on when you need hot water.

Continuous gas hot water systems are great for..

  • Big families or households, as they provide ‘unlimited’ hot water
  • Smaller homes, as the system can be located outside and frees up storage space inside your house
  • Holiday homes, so you can will in and have instant hot water

But keep in mind..

  • This type of system tends to waste more water than other types while you wait for the water to get hot. This may be important to you, particularly if you are on tank water supply or metered water.
  • As most require an electrical supply, you won’t have hot water during power cuts (though power backup systems are available). Ask us about backup systems – we have these available.

What to think about when choosing a system

Knowing how your household uses hot water will help you make better choices about getting the best energy efficiency, value for money, and experience – ask yourself the following questions when you’re looking at a new hot water system:

  • How big is your household?
    How many people like in your house now, and how many might there be in the future?
  • How and when you use hot water?
    Do you need a lot at once? For example, do six people want to shower in the morning? Does your dishwasher or washing machine draw on the hot water system?
  • How much are you paying now?
    Look at your bills over the last 12 months. Your hot water may be detailed separately on your bill. If not contact your energy supplier for help in calculating the cost.
  • How close together are the parts of your house that need water?
    When designing a new home or changing the layout of your existing home, aim to have all areas which require hot water close together – your bathroom, kitchen, toilets and laundry. As well as reducing the initial plumbing costs, you will save on energy costs as there will be less hot water wasted sitting in the longer pipes, and less time for the hot water to get to the end use.
  • How much will a new system cost?
    Keep in mind its upfront cost and installation, as well as ongoing running costs. Upfront costs include purchase and installation. In some cases, they will also include building consent costs. Ongoing running costs over a year can vary quite a bit depending on what water heating system you choose, how much hot water you use and your energy tariff.

Our team of plumbers and gasfitters are on hand to help answer your questions about continuous gas hot water and other hot water systems. Just give us a call on 03 448 8808 or call into our showroom at 1 Deel Street, Alexandra.

Source: EECA Energywise